Sandalwood Incense Cone [Standard] 80 g


SandalHarvest Sandalwood Incense Cone 100%

Fragrant Wood, No Fragrance, Color and Chemical Added

Weight: 80g


SandalHarvest Sandalwood Incense Cone [Standard] 80 g

Fragrant Wood, No Fragrance, Color and Chemical Added

sandalwood incense cone

  • 100% Authentic Sandalwood
  • From Old Aged Tree more than 30 years
  • Sweet Aromatic and Long Lasting Smell
  • No Fragrance, No Color, No Chemical

Sandalwood Incense Cone

Can offer relief to someone who frequently suffers from nightmare or insomnia, due to its calming properties. Yoga practitioners use this incense in order to fully connect to a higher plane and have a deeper experience.

Sandalwood incense cone can help battle depression or other ailments of the mind, and it can they be used as an energy booster both in the morning before you go to work or in the evening.

Weight: 80g

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable woods in the world. All parts yields Sandalwood oil, particularly the heartwood and the roots, which yield about 6 percent essential oil.

Recorded in Ayurvedic medicine and Egyptian embalming, the oil is now used as an inhalant for its expectorant and sedative effect on coughs and as a powerful antiseptic for lung and urinary tract infections.

Sandalwood makes a popular incense, as its calming effect aids meditation. It is commonly used for funeral pyres in India, where devotees believe the scent protects places from evil spirits.

Sandalwood is often used as an as an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood is recommended for use when consecrating altar cloths, and it is said to be associated with Hod on the Tree of Life.

Use: Light with fire to inhale good smell

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