Brass Charcoal Burner Incense Pot + Arab Charcoal Burner Charcoal for Burner 1 Box + Jet Torch Lighter Gasoline (Color: Black-Gold)



This set includes: –

  • Activated Carbon Lantern
  • Charcoal Burner for Burner 1 box
  • Gasoline lightweight flashlight

Brass essential oil burner for agarwood, sandalwood, aroma and aroma resin 100% brass quality (black-gold)

– Burning of agarwood, sandalwood, frankincense and sparkling wood
– For burning wood and resin with aroma
– High quality imported brass
– Strong, not rusty.

100% high quality brass charcoal holder, incense holder for all kinds of wood and resin

Size: 2.8 * 1.3 inches (WxH)

Charcoal charcoal for wood for agarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, onion / incense, incense, candle, cone and wood or resin 100%. Smoke free, odorless, no spark. Burning time up to 4-5 hours per piece.

➤ High quality, long burning up to 3 times.
➤ Non smoking, no smell. No Spark or Burst.
➤ Made of 100% natural agricultural products.
➤ Export quality
charcoal for Burner (premium quality)
This is the best choice for delicate use for Bahadur. Sandalwood, chrysanthemum, wood and any wooden pieces. Wood resin suitable for candles, incense, candles There are also Hookah, Shisha, Baraku
. These coals are unlikely to give your resin lasting about 4-5 hours / cubic. There are no harmful chemicals and accelerators, such as salt or gun powder.
Made from natural products that are residues such as: – coconut shell, corn husk, rubber, etc.

Weight: 5  bar / pack 1 pack contains 6 pieces
, 30 pieces (255g)
Use:  Burn with lighter or Jet Lighter to become red
* 1 piece burns up to 4-5 hours.

Gasoline Lighter, Gas Lighters, Lightweight Metal, Lightweight 1300 C, Premium Butane, High Quality, Durable, Stylish and Elegant.

Compact and unique design, easy to use flashlight. A powerful flame, shoot out of the flame guard when the ignition button is pressed.

Creative fashion and cute lighter decorate the decor, collections and other values.

Suitable for use in all burns: woody incense, incense, candles, frankincense, myrrh, charcoal

Material:  Metal

Fuel Type:  Butane

Additional information

Weight 1700 g


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